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Club History

The Chalkstone Karate Club was founded in the early 1980's by Sid Coleman, and was known as Haverhill Toyakwai Karate Club. The training sessions were orginally held at Haverhill Town Hall. Among its students were Tyrone Archer and Steve Collyer.

Tyrone was awarded his 1st dan(shodan) black belt in 1984 and began assisting with teaching. Steve Collyer gained his black belt in 1985.

In 1987 the club moved to the Haverhill's Chalkstone Community Centre from the Town Hall. The club's current instructor Steve Hart joined as a novice student in this year.

In 1990 Sid handed over the club to Tyrone assisted by his mother, Hazel. It was at this point that the club was reformed with its current name. Steve Collyer became assistant instructor.

In 1992 Steve Hart became the first student of the club to win their Shodan black belt and began assisting in the teaching of the club's students.

Tyrone moved to Kent in 1997 leaving Steve Collyer as Head Instructor assited by Steve Hart. Hazel Archer continued to act as club secretary.

After Hazel sadly died in 1999, Steve Collyer took responsibility for the administration of the club.

When a persistant knee injury forced him into retirement, Steve Collyer handed over the running of the club to Steve Hart in July 2007. He still attends the club from time to time.

July 2008 saw the next shodan black belts with students Les Atkins and Mark Ashwood winning their belts in Bow, London. This success was followed by Steve Hart winning his 2nd dan(Nidan) black belt in November.

In July 2010 Pete Tedham and Tom Cross became the next club members to win their shodan black belts after grading exams at the Toyakwai headquarters in Witham. Gary Dadds followed their success in March 2011.

October 2011 saw Cameron Newson become the youngest ever member to achieve their shodan blackbelt at age 15. Steve Hart graded to sandan (3rd dan) The highest grade ever achieved by a member of the club at that time.

Mark Ashwood moves up to 2nd dan at the same grading in March of 2012 that Jason little and Hannah Dance get their shodan black belts.

March 2013 sees 4 members get their Shodan black belts: Colin and Marie Kicks and Liam and Saffron Purr. Saffron becomes the youngest member to get her black belt having celebrated her 12th birthday just a week before the exam took place.

Hannah Dance achieves her 2nd dan in May 2104 becoming the youngest member of the club to do so at age 16.

Proving age is no object to success Beryl Kick at age 66 along with Nicky Coulter become the next Black belts in July 2014.

March 2015 sees Carne willsher grade to 3rd dan, Darran Kerry and Lee McCormack grade to 2nd dan. Later in 2015 Kathirivan Parthipan achieves his 1st dan.

Steve Hart is awarded 4th dan in February 2016 becomes the highest graded member in the clubs history.

In July of 2016 three more members of the club achieve their 1st dan black belts: Kevin Archer, Ryan Crowe and James Martinez.

Kartikaa Parthipan makes more club history by becoming the youngest member ever to get a 1st dan black belt in December 2016.

Gary Dadds also Achieves 3rd Dan (San Dan) in December 2016.

June 2018 sees the next members to achieve 1st dan black belts: Jason Wale and Joshua Bryant.

May 2019 sees Cody Turner and Joshua Matenga achieve their 1st dan black belts.
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